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MK Card

MK Card

Privilege to make you happier than ever.

MK University VIP Card


University VIP Card

*Not For Sale*

Expire after 1 years

Where to buy: Complimentary Gift for the New Graduates

  1. This card is non-transferable and please present this card prior to making payment
  2. 10% discount when pay with cash and 5% discount when pay with credit cards on both food and beverages
  3. This card is valid at MK Gold Restaurants, MK Restaurants, MK Trendi Restaurants, Na Siam Thai Restaurant and Le Siam Thai Fine Dining
  4. The company will not be responsible in the case of card lost or stolen. The company will not compensate customer with the new card.
  5. The card number and expiry date is on the back of the membership card
  6. MK RESTAURANTS  reserves the rights to cancel this card and / or withdraw privileges  without prior notice
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